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Kia Electric Vehicle

Kia Canada wants to put Electric Vehicles on the map by educating drivers on the real-life benefits and vehicle options available to maximize their driving experiences. But this is a completely new world for many Canadians – one filled with confusing acronyms and overwhelming stats. Here, we welcome you to the Kia EV World – a go-to place for all EV information.

Choose EV.

Low Maintenance

Since BEV’s have fewer moving parts, owners make fewer service trips and enjoy the benefit of less maintenance costs during the applicable warranty period.

Fuel savings

Stop having to fuel every week. Charge from the convenience of your home after work or daily chores. Easy to set up and low cost to install Type 2 Charger from your garage or outlet.

Generous Rebates

The Government of Canada offers federal sales incentives of up to $5,000for the purchase of zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs)

Kia Canada offers 1% Loyalty Rate Reduction for finance and lease.

Niro EV

Affordable EV for Every Day Use

The all-new Niro EV comes with a wide array of innovative features – including 10.25” supervision cluster paired with the same size multimedia interface to keep all your vital information readily available.


Supercharge your life with EV lifestyle.

EV6 marks a new and transformative era in EV motoring, where capability meets comfort, open roads beckon, and premium tech advancements make the driving easy.


Three rows. All electric. Genuine SUV. The Kia EV9 embodies the freedom to expand the boundaries of every journey with its perfect synergy of SUV design and EV innovation.