Return of the Road Trip Event! MORE 0% Financing on MORE Kia Models! GET THE DEAL NOW

Return of the Road Trip Event! MORE 0% Financing on MORE Kia Models! GET THE DEAL NOW


Kia Lease

What is Leasing?
Leasing offers unique benefits and lifestyle advantages when compared to financing or purchasing a new vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, you only pay for a portion of the vehicle's depreciation instead of its full Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This sometimes lowers the monthly payments substantially than financing on the same model.

Whether you are looking to lease for 36, 48, or even 60 month, Kia has you covered.

Benefits of Leasing
Pay Tax Only on the Payment-not the totality of the vehicle
Get into a Brand New Kia Every 3 - 5 Years!
Minimal Maintenance Cost (if your term is short to 3 years and within the allocated mileage allowance)
Less Payment, Less Obligation than 84 financing term
Love your Kia? You even have an option to buy it out!

Additional Protection for Kia Lessees.
Drive with confidence When you lease a Kia, you're able to drive a new vehicle and enjoy the benefits of ownership without a permanent commitment. As our standard, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)* is included in every Kia lease and protects you if the vehicle is stolen or deemed a total loss, paying the difference between the amount owing on the lease and the insurer's payout.

Recommended Kia Lease Vehicles
2019 Kia Soul
Kia Soul stands among the best of them all in terms of versatility, practicality, reliability, and flexibility. The head strong resale value of Kia Soul keeps the payment competitive and affordable while the vehicle keeps getting better with more equipment and better suspension each passing year models. Verify with your sales representative at 427/QEW Kia about the 2019 Kia Soul availability and book a test drive to see for yourself what Kia Soul has to offer.

2019 Kia Sportage
2019 Kia Sportage is a love letter to the Porche Cayenne and a complex German engineering that goes with every single Kia these days thanks to Peter Schreyer. The 2019 Kia Sportage maintains the same strong resale value to keep the payments competitive and affordable while you enjoy the most important aspects of an amazing SUV-comfort and practicality. Of course, the fantastic body carve and front hood flow only adds to experience of driving a Kia.

2019 Kia Rio
2019 Kia Rio is the new addition to the growing family of competitive lease vehicles here at Kia headquarters. Unlike the previous model design, the 2019 Kia Rio is an all new interior and exterior remodeling from 2018 that continues the simple yet elegant flow of interior and exterior design philosophy. The all-new reconfiguration of Kia Rio engine adds to the power and the thrill of driving a subcompact vehicle that so many of our competitors lack. Designed with technology in mind, standard with heated steering and backup camera, including manual transmission, you have to see for yourself what Kia Rio is all about.

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