New Year Event!

" A week ago, I bought a Sorento 2018 at this dealership. My dealer Alvin was quite honest and kind enough to make the deal. Indeed, his price offer was way better than the other KIA dealership from the beginning. I strongly recommend this dealership to people who consider to buy KIA vehicles."
- soohyun han
" Great dealership. A fantastic staff and very welcoming atmosphere. That, in addition to some of the best promotional sales for Kia models on the market. Bought my Soul here, and am loving it. I look forward to future endeavors with this dealership over the lifetime of my new car. Would recommend Mike for your purchase. "
- Ramon Buczynskyj
If your looking for a Kia do yourself a favor and go see Rocky at 427/QEW. I have bought lots of cars over the years from many dealers and this was by far the best experience I have ever had!!!!!
- Bob Jennings
I highly recommend checking out this dealership if you're in the market for a Kia. Needu, one of the salesman, was very professional and does not waste your time and promise you things that are not possible. Needu was very straightforward with me and worked to achieve the best deal possible.
- Damian Harhangi